Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Nanotechnology Mini-Innovation and Growth Team (Mini-IGT) Presents “Nanotechnology: a UK Industry View” Report to UK Government and Industry

14th January 2010, London – Today, the Nanotechnology Mini-Innovation and Growth Team (Mini-IGT) will present a report giving its recommendations for the future success of nanotechnology in the UK. It also reviews where the UK sits in comparison with competitors in relation to funding of nanotechnology, and considers a strategic approach to the commercialisation of nanotechnology based products offering a view of where the UK could be in 2020, assuming the recommendations are implemented.

The report entitled “Nanotechnology: a UK Industry View” details work carried out by the Mini-IGT following Lord Drayson’s launch of the Government evidence gathering website on 7th July 2009 with the announcement that the UK would develop a Nanotechnology Strategy.

The report has been prepared on behalf of industry to provide a market wide view of what is required to ensure that nanotechnology based industries are successful in the UK. It has been actively endorsed by a Steering and Review Group comprising 46 leaders from industry, academia, research and technology organisations and trade associations.

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