Friday, 3 March 2006

News Feature: NICE Secures Cash Counting for Banks and Retailers at Prosegur Group Sites Across Spain

In a recent deal, NICE, the global provider of advanced solutions that enable organisations to extract Insight from Interactions™ was selected by the multi-national Prosegur Group to protect its Cash in Transit division. The NICE suite of high-performance digital video solutions is delivering rapid dispute resolution for the complete cash handling process.

Prosegur Group is a specialist provider of alarms, surveillance services, and transport and custody of cash. Its Cash in Transit division works with credit institutions and large retailers to transport and count the enormous volume of cash required by the Spanish public for everyday transactions. Cash is packaged and tagged at the customer site and then carried by Prosegur’s fleet of 600 armoured vehicles to its highly secure cash handling centres, including major sites in Madrid and Barcelona and nearly every other province in Spain.
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